Smart Entrance High-quality mechanics Modern electronics

Touch to open combines high-quality mechanics with modern electronics. „Touch to open“ means: Simply touching the contact handle activates the contact lock and the door opens. The lock requires exactly the same installation space as standard locks – can be used in rebated and butt-joint doors.

Smart Entrance - Touch to open

The little things make the big difference.

Optics To open a door by touch sets a new standard. It makes the classic turning mechanism of the door handle redundant and allows for completely new ideas of interior design. The outstanding high quality look harmonises with modern and architecturally ambitious concepts for living areas.

Haptics When a simple touch opens a door, any other movement is superfluous. With Smart Entrance technology living areas open up intuitively and fluidly.

Acoustics A door handle with Smart Entrance technology serves the wellbeing of its users, because the door closes effortlessly and quietly.

Something you touch every day should feel wonderful.

Touch to open changes the way you enter a room.

„Touch to open“ means: Simply touching the Smart Entrance contact handle activates the Smart Entrance contact lock and the door opens. Smart Entrance by Pollmeier represents a visually, haptically and functionally impressive solutions for opening doors for architects who prefer a trimmed-down design. SE contact handles are characterised by their clear geometric shapes. They do not use moving or mechanical parts and are positioned flush with the door leaf.

The contact handle and contact lock form one unit: the initial contact. The contact lock is battery operated and is equipped with a magnetic latch. It is activated by touching the contact handle – both for opening and closing. Smart Entrance − Touch to open is available as a surface-mounted handle for butt-joint and rebated wooden doors, as well as for recessed integration in butt-joint wooden doors.

  • Smart Entrance – Touch to open Vigo
  • Smart Entrance – Touch to open Venix
  • Smart Entrance – Touch to open Planum
  • Smart Entrance – Touch to open Pallene
  • Smart Entrance – Touch to open Dione

Touch to open for wood doors

Touch to open for glass doors

Touch to open technology is available for wood and glass doors. Discover completely new possibilities regarding door and room design.


Please contact us! We would be glad to tell you personally about the new way of entering a room. We are looking forward to your call and are always at your disposal for a discussion.

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